Focus: “Gentle Pain Therapy for Artists”

Artists are subject to enormous physical and emotional stress. Opera singers, ballet dancers, pianists, and all other instrumental musicians face extraordinary pressure. For professional artists, extensive rehearsals, individual practice, and performances are compounded by often lengthy travels using various modes of transportation. This can take a toll on both body and mind. Muscular tension, joint pain, or excessive stage fright can be the consequences. The use of medication presents a double-edged sword for artists! Singers report vocal issues, but medications can also lead to stomach pains or fatigue. The Musimed philosophy is based on the increased use of gentle medical methods to avoid unwanted side effects. Here’s a brief overview of gentle pain therapy methods!

  • High-tone therapy – medium frequency alternating current therapy

In high-tone therapy, tense muscle areas are relaxed by applying electrodes conducting alternating current. This method can also treat nerve pain. Originally developed for treating diabetic nerve pain, it’s also effective for muscle and joint pain. The procedure improves blood circulation, leading to faster regeneration.

Dr. Reinald Brezovsky / High-tone therapy
  • Carbon Dioxide Dry Baths

The beneficial effects of CO2 (carbon dioxide) on blood circulation and tissue oxygen supply are well-documented in numerous studies. Combined with high-tone therapy, the recovery phase can be optimally utilized. Rapid regeneration and deep relaxation are extremely valuable for all artists under great performance pressure. Muscle relaxation also eliminates painful tensions. Additionally, these methods can positively influence mood and psychological state.

Carbon Dioxide Therapy
  • Cold Red Light REPULS
REPULS Cold Red Light
Light with a wavelength of 634 nanometers (=billionths of a meter) breaks down proteins that serve as mediators of inflammatory processes. This effectively combats inflammation! Pain in joints or tendons can be quickly alleviated with this method. Even laryngitis in singers has been successfully treated using this approach.


Many artists suffer from pain due to high stress. Medication intake can lead to negative effects like fatigue, vocal problems, or stomach pains! Gentle methods can provide effective relief without unwanted side effects.