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Improved understanding of pain

“How does the pain feel?” When patients are asked this question by their doctor, they want to answer as accurately and precisely as possible. Unfortunately, they often lack the right words to describe the pain in the back, head, or under the skin. “This is the case for every second one of my patients,” confirms […]

Focus: “Gentle Pain Therapy for Artists”

Artists are subject to enormous physical and emotional stress. Opera singers, ballet dancers, pianists, and all other instrumental musicians face extraordinary pressure. For professional artists, extensive rehearsals, individual practice, and performances are compounded by often lengthy travels using various modes of transportation. This can take a toll on both body and mind. Muscular tension, joint […]

The body is an instrument

When the exceptional German violinist David Garrett plays his instrument, there is no one in the audience who can escape the enchantment of his music. Just as the notes flow through the listener, the artist becomes one with his harmonies. Paying attention to posture is often overlooked by both violinists and audiences – but take […]